Goutex Tablet

Goutex Tablet

Allopurinol BP 100mg


Goutex is used as long-term medication to treat hyperuricemia and its complications. It is particularly indicated alone or in combination with uricosurics in gout uncontrolled by uricosurics,Severe tophaceous gout, Prevention and treatment of renal calculi, Gout with renal failure, Acute urate nephropathy, Gout with high levels of urinary urate, Intolerance to uricosuric drugs, Treatment of hyperuricemia associated with leukemia or resulting from radiotherapy or the use of antineoplastic agents.


Gout : Initially 100mg daily as a single dose after food. The average daily dose is 200-300mg for those with mild gout; and 400-600mg for those with moderately severe tophaceous gout. Hyperuricemia : Initial dose is 200mg thrice daily commencing 2 or 3 days before radiotheraphy or the commencement of treatment with antineoplastic agents and adjusted as required to a maintenance dose, usually of 300 to 400mg daily. Children: 6-10 years : 300mg daily Children : Under 6 years: 150mg daily