Gliclazide BP 80 mg


Gliclazide (Glucostat) is indicated for the treament of maturity onset diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) of patients who cannot be controlled on diet alone and who require oral antidiabetic treatment.


This is the drug for oral use. Duration of action is 12 hours or more. Adult: The usual initial dose is 49 to 80 mg daily, gradually increased, if necessary up to 320 mg daily until adequate control is acieved. A single Dose should not exceed 160 mg. When higher doses are required, it should be taken twice daily and according to the main meals of the day Elderly: Plasma clearance of Gliclazide is not altered in the elderly and steady state plasma levels are similar to those in adults under 65 years. Clinical experiences in the elderly show that it is effective and welltolerated. Children: Gliclazide as with other sulfonylureas is not indicated for the treatment of juvenile onset diabetes mellitus.